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Princess Natalie

All Hale!

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I am Nat, the princess. I am the coolest girl ever known. says so right here!

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Date Created:10/21/04
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Hello I am Princess Natalie. I'm a college student studying to be a teacher cuz kids RULE!!! I have the best friends in the world. They hack into my journal and make me icons and trading cards (hey! I gotta take credit for my work somehow!- mari).
Strengths: I'm a wonderful writer and a great counceler, but as a best friend, I kind of rock.
Weaknesses: how dare you!
Special Skills: I have special cheering powers! AND I can see the philangee
Weapons: my army of loyal campers and friends! you mess with me, they mess you up!
My angels and Rotory!: you girls mean so much to me. I dunno but I been told, Rotary was the best! You said you had spirit ya you did but they had more than all of you! I dunno but I been told.... Angels kinda rocked my world... I loved Rotary yeah I still do... but now I love my Angels to!! !

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